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17 August 2007 @ 01:59 am
Novel: Prologue and Chapter One  
The prologue and chapter one have been posted at FictionPress.com. With darkmagess's advice in mind, that is all I will be posting. As much as I want to know what people are thinking, I'm superstitious about my writing, and thus want to keep the rest of it under wraps.

Still, if you have the time, pop on over and give it a read. Your thoughts could be incredibly useful. (As it turns out, I apparently need the brain of a 14 year old to edit my novel, because my sister was the one who went over it and gave me loads of useful suggestions. Go figure.)

Kelly (Kalliopi) aka Yllektra: sexy sylarforce_oblique on August 17th, 2007 09:14 pm (UTC)
I sure will within the weekend! *nod*